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Our Story

Jacaranda Productions was founded in 2011 by Jimmy Abounouam in Marrakech, Morocco. 10 years later we have become a local leader in production and production services, catering to a global clientele. We are dedicated to facilitating international filmmakers, agencies, and corporations to film their projects successfully in Morocco.

We have built up an extensive portfolio that includes producing over 50 feature films,
150 commercials, television programs, digital documentaries, and music videos. Our
passion for filmmaking and our many close relationships keep our clients
coming back and referring us to others.

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of production services support, no matter your
budget. Jacaranda Productions will move your project forward with maximum efficiency
and cost-effectiveness. We also have trained personnel who have worked with the latest
Covid-19 protocols are required on film sets.

Morocco contains an infinite variety of landscapes that have their own charm and unique natural richness. We Jacaranda Productions have the largest gallery of all kinds of locations making it easy to find the perfect location for your shooting.


For the value of the director’s vision, we organize casting sessions and auditions to keep you in touch with well-connected talents and extra casting directors. We usually offer a database that no doubt will answer your requests.


We hire the best caterers who will offer luxury catering services that you will not dare check the call sheet for mealtimes. With national and international menus, we make sure your crew will not work with an empty stomach.


Working closely with Moroccan military officials we can acquire the necessary permits that allow the use of a wide range of military equipment, vehicles, and personnel. In addition, we can acquire authorization for filming large-scale military scenes and filming in restricted locations.


What We Do

We are a one-stop shop for production services, providing everything from locations to casting solutions with our in-house team. We bring together experienced producers, line producers, and legal, business, and financial personnel to provide you with first-class production services. In addition, the Kingdom of Morocco offers tax rebate incentives for international filmmakers shooting in Morocco.

We have great relationships with different authorities that can push through complex filming permits faster than what you can imagine. We assist with permits of all kinds; we know what is needed and how to get them.

Props Rental 

Choose from hundreds of thousands of items– some of which were used in movies, TV series, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate galas.

Due to our close relationships within the hospitality industry throughout Morocco, we are able to provide your cast and crew with comfortable accommodations for the duration of your shoot. Be its 5-star hotels, private luxury villas, or desert camping with amenities or “glamping” – based on your budget, we are able to meet all of your accommodation requests.

WEB piC copy.jpg

Jacaranda Productions has a studio complex designed to meet the needs of both crew and clients. The space provides an 800 m2 sound stage, 16,000 m2 warehouses, workshops for building props, SFX construction and set dressing, a casting, makeup, and wardrobe department, dressing rooms, and secure parking.

Production Facilities

We hire the best-experienced crew who assisted in the making of great and big world-nominated films. Our crew members know how to turn screenplays into a screen with a reasonable and moderate daily cost.


We are experts in creating illusions for the camera, whether it’s wind, water, fire, ice, bubbles, smoke, or thousands of bouncy balls pouring down the street!

Special Effects

At very competitive prices, we can acquire vehicles of all types for your film project including vintage sports cars, classic cars, airplanes, helicopters, and military vehicles, and more.


We hold an inventory of the latest high-caliber shooting equipment for use on your film project. This includes camera, sound, and lighting gear; in addition to cranes, forklifts, and a variety of service vehicles. Take a look at our equipment list to see what we provide.


  • Camera Equipment

  • Grip Equipment

  • Light Accessories

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Location Support Equipment

  • Studio Equipment

  • Vehicles

  • Drones

High Quality Film Equipment
Sana El Kilali
Executive Producer

+212 661-240084

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Our Senior Team

Jimmy Abounouom

+212 661-163624

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Mariam Lee Abounouom
Production Manager

+212 611-525010

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Aziz Rafiq
Art Director

+212 661-182114

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Our Crew & Technicians

Our world-class team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of film production. Our
the team includes skilled camera, lighting, and sound technicians; along with a large crew of skilled carpenters, set designers, and hair, costume, and make-up artists.

Our multi-lingual crew speaks the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Arabic

  • Spanish

  • German


Contact Us


PVMV+7MV, Douar Ouiazzou commune Harbile, Marrakesh 40000


+212 808-528806 +212 661-163624

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